2022 Sea Hawkers NOLA Takeover - Saturday Night Party!

2022 Sea Hawkers NOLA Takeover - Saturday Night Party!

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Before we get into how much fun we’re going to have in NOLA this year, let’s get one thing straight: a Second Line through the French Quarter is literally one of the best experiences that you can have in your entire life. If you’ve danced through the streets of NOLA with tons of other Seahawks fans chanting Go Hawks and waving flags and handkerchiefs while New Orleans natives gape from the sidewalks, you know how awesome it is. If you haven’t, you should. And you should this season. 

If you've got hotel/flight covered (or if you just live in the area), we've got you covered with our SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY PACKAGE:


Saturday night we’ll be having an exclusive party at American Sports Saloon (THE spot to be in NOLA if you’re a ‘Hawks fan) with food and drink and then a second line guiding us through the French Quarter - YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS - and we’ll be providing some ‘Hawks swag you can rock on the second line before we leave our party.

We might even have some tricks up our sleeves in terms of the guest list - this party will only be open to those on the NOLA Takeover, so you don’t want to miss it!

We’ll be second line-ing it to Pat O’s where we’ll all drink Hurricanes until our mouths turn red and the tailgate will be hard to wake up for. If you’ve ever wanted to walk down the street with hundreds of ‘Hawks fans and a full brass section behind you, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!! Oh, and it’s New Orleans, so this event goes ALL NIGHT, baby - trust us, we know all the best spots.


All Sports Fans Travel trips include a designated onsite trip coordinator to make your experience as smooth as possible - we’re also partnering with our friends at Travel Insured to provide free quotes for travel insurance so you’ll have peace of mind for your trip to check out New Orleans! 

Entertainment Package Includes: 

  • Sea Hawkers Night Before Party with Food & Drinks Included
  • Special Sea Hawkers Guests
  • Sea Hawkers Second Line
  • Sports Fans Travel Onsite Coordinator