Sea Hawkers 2022 Away Game Experiences (Domestic) Deposits
Sea Hawkers 2022 Away Game Experiences (Domestic) Deposits
Sea Hawkers 2022 Away Game Experiences (Domestic) Deposits

Sea Hawkers 2022 Away Game Experiences (Domestic) Deposits

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Come join the Sea Hawkers and Sports Fans Travel for a Seahawks Away Game Experience you'll never forget!

This is not a drill - Away Games for 2022 are ON for the Seahawks and while the QB may have changed, we KNOW for a FACT that we are going to put on some INCREDIBLE experiences for Seahawks fans when we step out to some super fun cities this upcoming season.

All Away Game Experience Deposits are available and can be applied to any package available for ANY game. Seating at games in the Sea Hawkers block, hotel room type choice, and of course available seats on our flights will be determined in order of deposits placed - so if you want to go to LA or New Orleans in 2022, get that deposit in!

Looking for Munich? Click Here.

Away Game Experience Ticket Blocks will be limited and we expect EVERY ticket block to sell out during the 2022 season, so don't wait to see whether it's Drew Lock or Geno - by that time, you'll be sitting by yourself in enemy territory and we don't want that. Plus, these 100% refundable deposits help us to plan for how many folks we'll have partying it up on Bourbon Street or riding the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.

So don't hesitate.

You will have the opportunity to request a 100% refund up until June 15th, when full details and prices will be released for each package (PRO TIP: we'll probably release packages and prices earlier, but you'll have until the 15th to decide).

Your $100 deposit ensures your spot for your group up to four guests (please indicate the number of guests you expect in your party below) and can be used for ANY Away Game Experience.

Put down a deposit for the NOLA Takeover but decide next week that you want to go to LA instead? That'll work, too. Just make sure to purchase deposits for Experiences you're most likely to come on - that'll help us plan accordingly.

We're releasing these deposits before the details comes out because we KNOW we will sell out of some Experiences and we don't want any Seahawks fan to miss out on the Experience of a lifetime.

To place a deposit for our trip to Munich with the Sea Hawkers, click here.

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"We enjoyed all of the social activities, meeting and getting to know the Seahawkers on this trip. It was a great package all the way around and we were fortunate to be a part of the festivities. It was very well done!"
-Paul D, Montana Sea Hawkers
" If I could check them all off I would. Every single event was awesome. Great selections for Bars, food and drinks. Very well organized....Thanks for everything! Very reasonable price for the trip. Great venue!"
-Deanna, SW WA Sea Hawkers