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We have hosted thousands of NFL fans in Europe - in a city or country where everything but what happens in between the sidelines can feel unfamiliar or stressful (when they don’t speak the language or use the same currency, trust us - that can be a lot!), Sports Fans Travel aims to make your experience as smooth as attending a home game….and because you’ll be with other fans, it will!

This takes all the stress out of traveling and allows you to have an incredible time - we’ve found that those who travel with us form a bond and keep in touch season after season and even plan trips together going forward! That and having your itinerary planned make traveling to see your favorite team a breeze.

Our packages include preferred flight schedules, 4 star or better premium hotels in prime locations, ground transfers to/from airport & events, pep rallies, ALL INCLUSIVE tailgate parties, game tickets (upgrades are always available), as well as several added bonuses and features throughout the trip. Private river cruise with Dante Hall? YES! Panthers parties where David Tepper stops in? YES! Seahawks Dance Contests hosted by Blitz with autographed jerseys as the prize? YOU KNOW IT!